Humanity & Inclusion

An independent charity, Humanity & Inclusion works in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Humanity & Inclusion works alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Their work comprises six areas: emergencies, explosive weapons, rehabilitation, health and prevention, inclusion, and disability rights. Since its creation in 1982, their work has benefitted several million people in more than 60 countries.

Chiara Retis

Chiara Retis has 20 years’ experience in international development, working for non-government organizations in low-resource settings, providing capacity building services in the field of physical rehabilitation, supporting policy reform and practices for the integration of rehabilitation services into the health system and disability-inclusive health policies. She oversees Humanity & Inclusion’s operations in Myanmar and Pakistan and technical assistance of the Humanity & Inclusion global team within the consortium. Physiotherapist trained in Italy, she earned her master’s degree in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Experienced in global health issues, disaster preparedness, health promotion, quality improvement, organization and management of rehabilitation services, she has worked as a Rehabilitation Specialist in support of Humanity & Inclusion teams and partners in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Chan Myae Aung

Chan Myae Aung, Rehabilitation Officer, has worked more than six years for non-government organizations in the rehabilitation sector such as community-based rehabilitation and early childhood intervention at villages and IDPs camps. As a rehabilitation officer, Chan Myae Aung provides technical support for capacity building to community health workers, engage and consult with stakeholders, including physiotherapist association and actors engaged in Assistive Technology services for the USAID ReLAB-HS activities in Burma.

Ehab Elkhatib

Ehab Elkhatib is working as the Rehabilitation Technical Officer with ReLAB-HS Pakistan. He is a physiotherapist, with 13 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. Ehab has experience in pediatric rehabilitation, gender-based violence and post-traumatic rehabilitation, and rehabilitation in emergency response. He has also worked in Egypt and Syria.

Eric Weerts

Eric Weerts works for Humanity & Inclusion in the field of project coordination and training on set up of rehabilitation services in low-and-middle-income countries (mainly Southeast Asia) since 1991.Currently he is Rehabilitation Specialist for Emergencies to support the set-up of rehabilitation care for injured victims. Based in Brussels since July 2012, he has been following up projects in Afghanistan, Middle East, Myanmar, Ukraine and African countries for training and technical support of health workforce and ministries involved in physical rehabilitation in medical emergencies’ preparedness in humanitarian contexts. This includes a collaboration agreement with Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium in 8 countries. In particular, Eric provides technical assistance to Spinal Cord Injury projects set up and contributes to drafting standards of care in working groups for complex injuries. Eric provides technical expertise for rehabilitation in humanitarian settings in ReLAB-HS.

Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan is working as a Senior Finance Officer with ReLAB-HS Pakistan and supporting the team on financial processes and activities in region (Pakistan & Myanmar). He is responsible to draw up the coordination based on the annual, quarterly and monthly plan of activities, He also ensures the implementation of expenditure, commitment procedures, and controls the allocation of expenses to ensure that each budget holder has adequate knowledge for managing their budget and codifying expenditure correctly in Pakistan and Myanmar. Faizan joined ReLAB-HS with 10 years of working experience in auditing, financial management, financial reporting, management accounting, corporate and taxation laws and grants management with international NGO’s.

Htet Htet Myat

Htet Htet Myat, ReLAB-HS Burma Project Support Officer, has worked for government and non-government sectors for more than nine years in health and child safeguarding and management of peacebuilding and social development programs in multi-conflicted areas where she has developed her knowledge and skills on designing the projects, project management and analysis skills. With a bachelor’s degree in Nursing Sciences, post graduate diploma in Development Studies and Peace Studies, Htet Htet will provide support to the ReLAB-HS team to achieve the activity’s objectives in Burma.

Isabelle Urseau

Isabelle Urseau is the Director of the Rehabilitation Division at Humanity & Inclusion, managing a team of 15 international collaborators dedicated to the quality follow up of programs implemented in 50 countries. In this role, Isabelle oversees the development of international partnerships and collaborations and the development of major programs in rehabilitation and health with a senior advisory role, including for ReLAB-HS. Isabelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetist and Orthotist studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Management & Evaluation. She worked for 13 years in various countries (Colombia, India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Mozambique) as P&O clinician, trainer, technical coordinator and finally technical advisor at the Ministry of Health in Mozambique.

Dr. Kyaw Myo Htat

Dr. Kyaw Myo Htat joined ReLAB-HS Burma team in February 2022 as a Country Coordinator. He has 15 years of professional experience in programmatic management and multi stakeholders’ collaboration and coordination in the private and public health sector with various kinds of donors. After his first degree in Medicine and Surgery, he pursued an Executive Master’s Degree of Public Administration in Myanmar. He had led, directed and managed public health programs focused on private-public-patient-partnerships and sustainable program development strategies and has experience in working with numerous stakeholders such as NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies and local community-based organizations at the national level and in hard to reach areas of the country. Before joining ReLAB-HS, he worked with City Cancer Challenge Foundation as City Manager representing Myanmar.

Myat Noe Oo

As a ReLAB-HS Burma communication officer, Myat Noe Oo provides communication and social media management, digital media, contributes to the development of IEC materials and visibility items and stories for the USAID ReLAB-HS Activity. She has five years’ experience of work in international organizations as a communication person providing internal and external communication, digital media managing, report and story writing, including the development of visible items in women empowerment, business and health sector. She also has three years’ experience in media houses and published many stories in Myanmar Times Newspaper. She earned a degree in journalism and a master’s degree in Public Administration.

Patrick Le Folcalvez

Patrick Le Folcalvez, after some years of private practice in Paris, France, joined Humanity & Inclusion in Southeast Asia in 1992. First as a trainer, then as country director in Viêtnam, he was involved in a several projects in a variety of fields such as leprosy management, community-based rehabilitation, mother & child health, Spinal Cord Injuries, Road Safety and others. Since 2008, Patrick is working as a headquarters specialist, based in Luxembourg and supervising physical rehabilitation programs in Haiti, South Sudan, Madagascar, Palestine, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. He is also the Humanity & Inclusion focal point for the cost calculation of rehabilitation services, promoting the ‘Rehabilitation Cost Analysis and Forecast’ tool that was recently developed.

Ruby Holmes

Ruby Holmes is an Inclusive Governance Global Specialist at Humanity & Inclusion; where she provides support to country teams, civil society and government representatives to promote participation, inclusion and accountability at all levels within public disability governance. Ruby has a master’s degree from American University’s School of International Service where she focused on in the inclusion of persons with disabilities throughout peacebuilding processes. She was previously a Program Coordinator at Mobility International USA, where she coordinated a variety of international development and exchange programs for persons with disabilities. Ruby provides inclusion technical support to ReLAB-HS through the GESI Working Group, which included a presentation on disability inclusion.

Sophie Pecourt

Sophie Pecourt has been coordinating the Making It Work Gender and Disability project at Humanity & Inclusion since 2017. She holds a PhD in science and a certificate of advanced studies in Human Rights Law from Geneva University; has 15 years of experience in international cooperation in managerial and technical advisory positions with INGOs and the UN. Over the years, Sophie developed her expertise in Protection andGender Based Violence, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Disaster Risk Reduction. She also has experience in disability mainstreaming, education, advocacy and awareness campaigns. Within Humanity & Inclusion and with external partners, across the African, South American and Asian continents, Sophie has been advising and supporting organisations and project teams willing to use the Making It Work methodology to enhance lasting change for persons of concern.

Su Nyein Nwe

Su Nyein Nwe is based in Myanmar and has more than six years of experience in the private and NGO sectors. Prior to joining Humanity and Inclusion, she worked to provide administrative support in office and project activities; writing activity proposals and reports; assisted research studies implementation and statistical analysis, co-facilitated youth capacity-building training. She was awarded a fellowship at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and earned her master’s degree in Gender and Development Studies. As an Inclusion Officer of ReLAB-HS in Burma, she is committed to support in addressing these issues and improving the lives of the local population that are marginalized and at risk of social exclusion.

Sundas Umar

Sundas Umar works for ReLAB-HS in Pakistan as a senior MEAL Officer. She supports the country office in carrying out all MEAL processes and activities in Pakistan and Myanmar. She is in charge of managing the information system for M&E frameworks, plans, and tools, as well as liaising with country coordinators and the MEAL Team in terms of maintaining and managing accurate program data. Sundas has 15 years of development sector experience, having worked with Save the Children, Sungi Development Foundation, and other organizations. She possesses monitoring, evaluation, and accountability skills. She is an HRDN and IFC-World Bank certified trainer.

Valentina Pomatto

Valentina Pomatto works as the Inclusive Development Advocacy Manager at Humanity & Inclusion. Valentina holds a bachelor’s degree in Development Cooperation and a master’s degree in International Relations and Human Rights. Prior to joining Humanity & Inclusion in 2018, she worked for different NGOs, covering both project management and advocacy roles in Jordan, Senegal and Belgium. She supported the coordination of global efforts towards a UN Resolution to End Female Genital Mutilation; advocated for youth rights and educational opportunities at the European level; and engaged in community empowerment in West Africa. In her current position at Humanity & Inclusion, Valentina defines and implements advocacy strategies on the topics of rehabilitation and inclusive education. Within ReLAB-HS, she is responsible for global advocacy, in connection with the advocacy carried out at the country level.

Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a dynamic development professional with more than 22 years in project/program management, public health, and community engagement. He has experience with capacity building of institutions, organizations, and individuals. He has designed and developed various training modules, manuals/handbooks and training material. He’s conducted several trainings as a professional trainer in various sectors, including public health. Waqar’s professional experience is mostly with international development organizations and with few a national organizations including his current role with Humanity and Inclusion as the ReLAB-HS Country Coordinator in Pakistan. He has a master’s degree in social sciences.

Zahoor Hussain Khattak

Zahoor Hussain Khattak is working as senior officer (Support and Inclusion) in ReLAB-HS Pakistan. He has a 20-year working experience with national and international NGOs and has worked on health, WASH, Education, social inclusion and advocacy projects. He has been working with Humanity & Inclusion for 10 years to provide support on gender equality and social inclusion. He has a master’s degree in social sciences and postgraduate diplomas in gender studies and development studies. Zahoor is also an honorary executive member of Institute of Development Studies and Practices Pakistan.