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Today we are excited to launch our ReLAB-HS Rehabilitation Resource Repository. Developed in collaboration with our partner Physiopedia, the aim of this new website is to improve the discoverability of and access to high quality resources, such as publications, manuals and toolkits, that have been created in support of the development and delivery of rehabilitation services, and their integration within health systems.

Our new website will provide a single, easy to use, comprehensive, open and searchable repository of high quality, evidence-based publications created by organizations that support the global rehabilitation community.  The aim is to make it easy to find resources that inform service provision as well as guide the design and implementation of much needed rehabilitation services.

Making search easy

Rehabilitation services have the potential to improve an individual’s functioning and quality of life. However, to develop and provide optimal rehabilitation services, health leaders and professionals from around the world need easy access to up-to-date, evidence-informed education.

There are many of excellent evidence-based resources developed by rehabilitation stakeholders worldwide. These resources are extremely useful to organisations and people working to strengthen rehabilitation services within health systems. However, sometimes they can be difficult to find amongst the wealth of health information available on the web.

The aim of the new Rehabilitation Resource Repository is to provide an open and accessible online portal that catalogues quality evidence-based rehabilitation resources to anyone that wishes to use them.  It contains rehabilitation related manuals, toolkits, policies, protocols and guides that inform and support service development and delivery.

Resources were included in the repository based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevant to one or more rehabilitation profession, or other rehabilitation related health systems stakeholders.
  2. Free to access and not subject to copyright restrictions.
  3. Includes only interventions, policies and guidelines that are supported by high quality evidence and display references where appropriate.

Get involved: Download as well as contribute resources

The repository has been designed from the ground up to be useful and relevant for all rehabilitation stakeholders and care providers around the world. This means you can access the repository on mobile devices or a computer and anywhere you have an internet connection.

As well as accessing the site from anywhere you can upload from anywhere too. The repository manager will check all submissions to ensure they match our criteria, and will also continue to search for and evaluate new resources in an ongoing effort to keep new resources easily accessible to all.

You can access the Rehabilitation Resource Repository site from today, to both download and upload quality rehabilitation resources now.