Presenter at the GRLI

The Global Rehabilitation Leadership Institute (GRLI) is an activity that supports ReLAB-HS’s objective to advance stakeholder leadership, capacity development, and use of data and evidence for policy engagement to strengthen rehabilitation in health systems. This responds to the need to support, position, and retain country officials, health care providers, and other key stakeholders to serve as leaders in the field of rehabilitation and health systems strengthening.

Through the delivery of a comprehensive course, the GRLI is designed to build leadership capacity to optimally address the need for enhanced access to rehabilitation and assistive technology (AT) services to improve population health and well-being. By strengthening the leadership capacity of stakeholders across the health system, ReLAB-HS aims to support the integration of rehabilitation and AT services into low- and middle-income countries’ health systems.

ReLAB-HS is collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) to support ministries of health and other relevant stakeholders in Pakistan and Uganda to make progress toward strengthening leadership and governance. Engaging country partners in the effort to integrate rehabilitation and AT into their health systems aims to institutionalize and sustain these changes. These efforts include:

  • Completion of national-level assessments, such as the Systematic Assessment of Rehabilitation Situation (STARS) and the rapid Assistive Technology Assessment (rATA)
  • Development and implementation of rehabilitation and AT strategic plans and standard operating procedures
  • Integration of rehabilitation and AT indicators into health management information systems
  • Elevating the profile of rehabilitation and AT on the health systems agenda through facilitation of policy roundtables and targeted advocacy efforts