Flag of Ukraine

According to available data, 21 million people, or one in two Ukrainians, have a health condition that could benefit from rehabilitation.

Before the war the war with Russia escalated in 2022, Ukraine was undergoing significant health sector reform, which included improving financing mechanisms for primary health care services and essential medicines, increasing pay for health professionals, and working toward digitizing the country’s health records system. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine was committed to implementing change, providing a crucial opportunity to ensure that rehabilitation and assistive technology (AT) were part of the broader health system reform.

Between September 2021 and February 2023, ReLAB-HS collaborated with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and other local stakeholders to implement key interventions in health system reform, including activities to strengthen service delivery and education institutions.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, WHO, academic and training institutions, professional associations, and rehabilitation professionals, ReLAB-HS worked to implement innovative, context-appropriate, cost-effective interventions to strengthen health systems for the provision of rehabilitation and AT services. Implementing activities from September 2021 to February 2023, ReLAB-HS made the following key contributions toward this effort in Ukraine:

  • Supported the development and implementation of plans and policies for rehabilitation and AT


As a result of ReLAB-HS’s contributions to date:

  • Over 3,100* trainings on rehabilitation and AT have been completed.
  • 4 organizations have adopted the International Rehabilitation Education and Training Toolkit.
  • 23 organizations and institutions have been strengthened.

* Reflects the number of course completions, as trainees may have completed one or more courses