Workshop attendees
Photo Credit: Sarah Magoba for ReLAB-HS

The DHIS2 Rehabilitation Module Indicator Selection Workshop took place in Jinja, Uganda, from January 30th to February 1st, 2023. Organized by ReLAB-HS, the workshop aimed to integrate rehabilitation and Assistive Technology (AT) related indicators into Uganda’s Health Information Management System using the DHIS2 platform. The multi-stakeholder event brought together representatives from the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other experts to address gaps in accountability, reporting, and transparency in rehabilitation services.

Over the three-day workshop, participants achieved a shared understanding of the standard WHO rehabilitation module and its applicability in Uganda, consolidated a list of selected country rehabilitation and AT indicators, and reached a preliminary consensus on the implementation process of the DHIS2 rehabilitation module, including stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Key activities included presentations on ReLAB-HS’s work in Uganda, findings from the Systematic Assessment of Rehabilitation Situation (STARS) assessment, and an introduction to the WHO’s Rehabilitation Module. Break-out sessions facilitated brainstorming, indicator selection, and understanding of variables and adaptations from WHO standards. The workshop concluded with the next steps for implementing the DHIS2 Rehab Module, emphasizing data entry training, stakeholder responsibilities, overcoming barriers, and data reporting and quality management.