Service delivery and workforce

ReLAB-HS will develop clinical guidance, including digital tools, resources and online training modules, to increase the capacity, skills and knowledge of doctors, nurses and community health workers to deliver rehabilitation in primary care settings. To ensure that the resources respond to local needs, stakeholders will be consulted, such as rehabilitation clinicians and researchers, end-users, caregivers for people with disabilities, decision-makers and program planners.

We will harness promising technology and service delivery models, refining and adapting existing telerehabilitation and mHealth innovations to suit local contexts. Our approach is aimed at bringing rehabilitation services to where people live, rather than waiting for them to come to specialized health centers.

ReLAB-HS will also streamline the procurement and distribution of Assistive Technology (AT) services, especially wheelchairs, at the primary care level. This may entail contracting NGOs and private AT providers.