Education for rehabilitation

To support national and local workforce development initiatives, equitable open access to education and learning will be facilitated through a toolkit hosted on a sustainable online platform that provides quality, evidence-based resources. Key elements include:

  • A rehabilitation education framework. The framework will support adoption of resources in low-resource, conflict-affected settings.
  • Online courses and resources. Courses developed will cover core rehabilitation knowledge and through the eLearning platform stakeholders will be able to contribute to, use and adapt the courses to their own contexts.
  • Training programs. To ensure the online courses reach a broad audience, we will work closely with universities, organizations and service providers in various countries. We will also build a community of educators to support mentoring.
  • An annual Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). MOOCs are large-scale, open learning experiences that will focus on topics specific to the ReLAB-HS program.