Drivers for change to integrate rehabilitation

To drive far-reaching change, the conditions must be created to strengthen and integrate rehabilitation into the health system. ReLAB-HS will identify key factors for success to inform decisions about scale-up, resource allocation and sustainability.

Strong leadership is essential. Accordingly, ReLAB-HS will launch a Leadership Academy to increase knowledge and nurture champions within the government, health workforce and user groups – inspiring a new generation of rehabilitation leaders. The academy will link leaders with frontline health workers, boost leadership skills and create mentoring opportunities for providers at the community and primary care level.

ReLAB-HS will enhance the capacity of users and user groups to engage in rehabilitation and AT service planning, delivery and monitoring. This will shape health systems that truly respond to people’s needs for rehabilitation and AT.

We will also build formal and informal networks of rehabilitation stakeholders, including organizations working with people with disabilities and professional associations. Networks with shared interests and agendas will be supported to work together in advocating for evidence to be translated into practice.