Nathan Grills

18 August 2022

Professor Nathan Grills

Professor Nathan Grills’ involvement in global health spans 20 years.
He began his tertiary studies through the Australian Defence Force Academy before transferring to Monash University to complete his medical studies. He obtained a MPH and a DPhil (Public Health) from Oxford University under a Rhodes Scholarship and is a Fellow of the UK and Australian Faculties of Public Health.

He joined the Nossal Institute in 2008.

In 2014, Nathan completed a Professional Doctorate in Public Health at Monash University using social network analysis to measure the impact of public health partnerships.

He is involved in public health training, research and advocacy. Nathan’s research expertise is in the areas of non-communicable diseases, disability inclusion, community health evaluation/monitoring, primary health care systems and understanding faith-based development agencies and programs.

Nathan has worked extensively in India, including leading a tobacco control research collaboration to develop tobacco control interventions. In the disability field in India, he led the implementation of the RAD disability measurement tool. He has developed partnerships with leading Indian institutions such as the Public Health Foundation of India, CMC Vellore, Catholic Health Association of India and EHA.

Nathan has worked in international health and development in Africa, Fiji, East Timor, PNG, Bangladesh and Nepal. He has supervised more than 40 students and volunteers through his research programs and established five health and development-focused NGOs. He has served on the board of four health charities.

He currently focuses on India where he works on disability, primary health care systems and non-communicable diseases.