Physiopedia – Ukraine

Physiopedia partners with organisations in over 30 countries to collaborate on workforce development activities. In Ukraine, national physiotherapy and occupational therapy organisations use Physiopedia online learning opportunities to advance the knowledge of their members. ReLAB-HS will work closely with these and similar organisations to develop and deepen rehabilitation workforce development activities through digital transformation initiatives in line with the Ministry of Health recommendations.

Rachael Lowe

Rachael is Co-Founder and President of Physiopedia. Rachael is a Physiotherapist with over 15 years experience in delivering digital solutions for rehabilitation professionals and organisations. Rachael is the Partner Lead for Physiopedia.

Amanda Ager

Amanda is a Canadian Physiotherapist, and a PhD student at Ghent University in Belgium. She is also a former Physiotherapy Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces. As Administration Manager she supports administrative tasks across all Physiopedia projects and is the Physiopedia lead for ReLAB-HS GESI projects.

Tarina van der Stockt

Tarina is a physiotherapist from South Africa and currently pursuing her Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. As Education Director Tarina manages the processes, tutors and the team involved with producing, delivering and accrediting all eLearning for the ReLAB-HS project.

Dr Cheryl Burditt Footer

Cheryl is an American Physiotherapist PhD with over 30 years of clinical experience, with 20 of those years also spent in academia. She has extensive involvement in curricular development and delivery in Africa and is responsible for development and management of the ReLAB-HS International Rehabilitation Education and Training Toolkit.

Grace Hayhurst

Grace is a highly experienced web developer based in the UK. Brought on board to create a technical evolution in the world of e-learning in the rehabilitation space, she’s eager to be part of this digital transformation.

Jacquie Kieck

Jacquie is a South African trained Physiotherapist, currently working in private practice in New Zealand. As Media Manager Jacquie oversees the creation of learning content that is made available and accessible through multiple forms of media for the ReLAB-HS project.

Marie Coetzee

Marie is a South African with 20 years of experience in Project Coordination and Project Administration. Marie is managing the worldwide accreditation of online courses.

Naomi O’Reilly

Naomi is an Irish physiotherapist working in Paediatric Primary Care and an MSc Student at University College London studying Advanced Paediatrics. As MOOC Manager Naomi is responsible for developing and delivering all ReLAB-HS MOOCs and related content development projects.

Lucy Aird

Lucy is a clinical NHS Physiotherapist in the UK with a background in global Healthcare Communications. As Communications Manager Lucy is responsible for Physiopedia knowledge sharing and dissemination related to the ReLAB-HS project.

Scott Buxton

Scott is a Physiotherapist in the UK. Alongside Lucy Aird, Scott is responsible for managing communications activities.

Greg Slater

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Sue Whitter

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