Physiopedia – Ukraine

Physiopedia partners with organisations in over 30 countries to collaborate on workforce development activities. In Ukraine, national physiotherapy and occupational therapy organisations use Physiopedia online learning opportunities to advance the knowledge of their members. ReLAB-HS will work closely with these and similar organisations to develop and deepen rehabilitation workforce development activities through digital transformation initiatives in line with the Ministry of Health recommendations.

Rachael Lowe

Rachael is Co-Founder and President of Physiopedia. Rachael is a Physiotherapist with over 15 years experience in delivering digital solutions for rehabilitation professionals and organisations. Rachael is the Partner Lead for Physiopedia.

Lucy Aird

Lucy is a clinical NHS Physiotherapist in the UK with a background in global Healthcare Communications. As Communications Manager Lucy is responsible for Physiopedia knowledge sharing and dissemination related to the ReLAB-HS project.