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Training Broadens the Reach of Rehabilitation Services, Improving Access at the Community Level

By Assad Abbas Malik for ReLAB-HS In her nearly three decades of experience working in community health in rural Pakistan, Nasreen Saba had encountered countless individuals who would benefit from rehabilitation or assistive technology (AT) services. However, she had limited knowledge of these services and what role she could have in supporting community members who… Read more

Success Story: Improving Access to Care and Service Quality for Assistive Technology Users in Uganda

By Sarah Magoba for ReLAB-HS Atim Joyce Mary is the founder of the Centre for Spinal Injuries Advocacy, a community-based organization in the town of Iganga in Eastern Uganda that advocates for girls and women living with spinal cord inquires. Joyce founded this organization after experiencing challenges in accessing a wheelchair. As a result of… Read more

How can rehabilitation and health system stakeholders agree on priorities for integrating rehabilitation and AT into health systems? Shared prioritization and planning local actions.

By Katherine Dobson and Sarah Magoba for ReLAB-HS There is a widening gap between available rehabilitation services and the needs of the global population, at least 2.4 billion of whom experience a condition that could benefit from rehabilitation.  In Uganda, where we are collaborating on the USAID-funded Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health… Read more

ReLAB-HS attends the 2023 World Physiotherapy Congress in Dubai

Every two years World Physiotherapy holds a large international scientific congress, bringing the global community together. This year, the World Physiotherapy Congress 2023 took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 2-4, 2023. It offered an unparalleled opportunity to meet with experts and colleagues from around the world, exchange and share innovations and ideas, and… Read more

ReLAB-HS Hosts DHIS2 Rehabilitation Module Indicator Selection Workshop in Uganda

The DHIS2 Rehabilitation Module Indicator Selection Workshop took place in Jinja, Uganda, from January 30th to February 1st, 2023. Organized by ReLAB-HS, the workshop aimed to integrate rehabilitation and Assistive Technology (AT) related indicators into Uganda’s Health Information Management System using the DHIS2 platform. The multi-stakeholder event brought together representatives from the Ministry of Health,… Read more

Global Consensus on Rehabilitation: the World Health Assembly’s Adoption of the Resolution on Rehabilitation

By Gilliane McShane and Valentina Pomatto for ReLAB-HS After years of efforts to bring rehabilitation into the fold of what is considered essential health care, rehabilitation advocates saw the successful adoption of the first ever international resolution on rehabilitation at the Seventy-Sixth World Health Assembly on May 24, 2023. This resolution aspires to expand and… Read more

ReLAB-HS Ukraine Concludes Activities While Leaving an Important Legacy

By Sergii Khomchenko, Olha Kovalchuk, and Diana Shcherbinina for ReLAB-HS Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS), a global activity funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ended activities in Ukraine in February 2023. Despite being faced with the realities of war, ReLAB-HS Ukraine made significant progress in advancing… Read more

First ReLAB-HS Global Rehabilitation Leadership Institute Builds Community of Leaders to Drive Change

By Hanaa Ahsan and Khushbu Balsara for ReLAB-HS Three principles — shared vision, strategy, and collaboration — were on the agenda for rehabilitation stakeholders at the inaugural offering of the Global Rehabilitation Leadership Institute (GRLI), a course designed by Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) to strengthen leadership for rehabilitation-inclusive health… Read more

Global Webinar – Leadership for Rehabilitation

Register now for this free global webinar by Learning, Acting and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems Poor access to rehabilitation and assistive technology is an ongoing barrier to universal health care. The situation is exacerbated when countries experience shocks including conflict, where many people require support for newly-acquired impairments, trauma, and consequences from disruption of… Read more

ReLAB-HS Launches in Pakistan

By Assad Abbas for ReLAB-HS Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) officially launched in Pakistan in June. Two formal ceremonies took place, one on June 20 in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and another on June 23 in Karachi, Sindh. These launch events formally introduced ReLAB-HS in the provinces and brought key… Read more