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ReLAB-HS Workshop Facilitates Discussions to Strengthen the Rehabilitation Workforce in Ukraine

By Rachael Lowe for ReLAB-HS Despite the current conflict in Ukraine, rehabilitation leaders in the country are doing all that they can to forward workforce development initiatives to strengthen rehabilitation services. Learning, Acting, and Building for Rehabilitation in Health Systems (ReLAB-HS) recently held a two-day workshop in Poland to facilitate collaboration towards overcoming workforce challenges… Read more

Opportunity + Choice = Justice | World OT Day 2022

By Lucy Aird for ReLAB-HS Since World Occupational Therapy Day was launched in 2010, Oct. 27 has been a significant day for occupational therapists all over the globe to promote and celebrate this valued rehabilitation profession. Each year’s celebrations have a different focus, and the theme for 2022 promotes how occupational therapy affords individuals a… Read more

Physiopedia MOOC 2022 | FREE Online Course on Understanding the Rehabilitation Needs of Displaced Persons

By Lucy Aird for ReLAB-HS Between Monday 5 September and Sunday 30 October join thousands of colleagues from around the world to understand how to increase access to high quality rehabilitation for displaced persons. This year’s highly anticipated FREE Physiopedia MOOC is about understanding the rehabilitation needs of displaced persons, and is a collaboration between Physiopedia… Read more

What is digital accessibility and how can it be achieved with online learning?

Online learning is exploding, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, but the true opportunity that online learning offers in contributing to digital health is only realised if necessary consideration is given to digital accessibility. With the support of ReLAB-HS, our partner Physiopedia is developing a set of digital platforms for rehabilitation, including an online learning… Read more

The burden of spinal pain and disability

Scott Buxton, a physiotherapist from our partner Physiopedia, talks to us about the burden of spinal pain and disability around the world on World Spine Day.  Saturday the 16th of October marks annual World Spine Day. This year’s theme is back2back.The theme focuses on the need to readjust the way we think about back pain.… Read more

World Spinal Cord Injury Day

The annual World Spinal Cord Injury Day takes place on the 5 September with the aim of increasing the public awareness of spinal cord injury. This year’s theme is COVID-19 and staying healthy with the help of telehealth. Scott Buxton explains more. Spinal cord injury is damage to the spinal cord – 90% of spinal… Read more

Launch of our Rehabilitation Resource Repository

Today we are excited to launch our ReLAB-HS Rehabilitation Resource Repository. Developed in collaboration with our partner Physiopedia, the aim of this new website is to improve the discoverability of and access to high quality resources, such as publications, manuals and toolkits, that have been created in support of the development and delivery of rehabilitation… Read more

Understanding rehabilitation as a health strategy MOOC

Launching today, our new, free Massive Open Online Course will equip health care professionals with comprehensive knowledge of rehabilitation. We are proud to work with Physiopedia to deliver this cutting-edge and unique resource for the global health community. Sign up and take part during September and October. Don’t delay, sign up today on the Physiopedia… Read more