Agenda for our Ukraine launch announced!

13 September 2021

We are delighted to invite you to the launch of ReLAB-HS in Ukraine which is taking place on Sep 14, 2021 08:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada).

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The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and resulting injuries have increased demand and highlighted the need for rehabilitation services. Ukraine inherited a centralized health care system from the Soviet Union that has been underbudgeted, heavily bureaucratic, and lacking in mechanisms that support transparency. Rehabilitation services have been based on the bio-medical model of disability and are not widely available at the community and primary health care levels. There is a lack of personnel qualified to provide assistive technology in the country, no National Priority Assistive Product List, and complicated procedures for obtaining assistive technology.

But Ukraine is undergoing significant health sector reform. The Ministry of Health is committed to implementing change, providing a crucial opportunity to ensure that rehabilitation services are part of broader health system reform. In addition, the Parliament of Ukraine passed the “About Rehabilitation in the Healthcare” law in 2020 to promote the integration of rehabilitation services across the continuum of healthcare. We are delighted to support this push for the integration of rehabilitation and assistive technology into health systems.

A fantastic line up

Mariya Chubata, Ukraine Communications Coordinator, welcome and opening remarks
Sergii Khomchenko, Ukraine Country Coordinator, to present the keynote speakers
Keynote speakers on rehabilitation and health systems:

1.     Oksana Zholnovych, Head, Department of Social Policy and Health of the Office of the President of Ukraine – Rehabilitation and assistive technology priorities for Ukraine

2.     Kirsten ‘Kiki’ Lentz, Senior Advisor for Rehabilitation, USAID/Washington DC, – USAID investment in the global project

3.     Larisa Mori, Deputy Director of the Office of Health, USAID/Ukraine–Mission investment in the field of rehabilitation and project

4.     Satish Mishra, Technical Manager – Disability and Rehabilitation, WHO Regional Office for Europe – WHO’s perspective on rehabilitation and assistive technology

Introduction to the overall aims of the ReLAB-HS project

Dr. Abdulgafoor Bachani, Director, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit and ReLAB-HS Program Director

Sergii Khomchenko, ReLAB-HS in Ukraine

Stakeholder panel:

‘Advantages/gains and weaknesses/ gaps in the rehabilitation system and assistive technologies: finding ways for coordination’

Moderator: Anastasiya Bugnon, Officer on Service Delivery, WHO Country Office in Ukraine

Panel speakers:

1.      Tetyana Barantsova, Government Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

2.      Antonina Saleeva, Director, Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics, Prosthetic Making and Rehabilitation

3.      Olga Mangusheva, Chairman of the Board, Ukrainian Society of Occupational Therapists

4.      Svitlana Dudnyk,  Head of the Division of Interaction with External Experts, Department for Program of Mеdical Guarantees Development, National Health Service of Ukraine.

Question and answer session (moderated by Mariya Chubata)
Closing remarks (Mariya Chubata)

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